Region: The Yirgacheffe region lies as an island in the middle of Sidamo. It was recognized as a distinct region in the 1960's and set apart for the exceptional citrus and floral flavors found in its washed coffees.

Altitude: 1770-2200m (5790-7210 ft)

Cup: Bright acidity, medium body, marked Jasmine and lemon flavors

Harvest: October to January



Region: With altitudes of up to 2200 meters, Sidamo produces exceptional washed and unwashed coffees. For those visiting this region, we highly recommend staying at the Aregash Lodge near Yirgalem where visitors can see a range of wildlife and also the lodge's own coffee plantation.

Altitude: 1550-2200 m (5080-7210 ft)

Cup:Bright acidity, medium body with spicy and citrus flavors

Harvest: October to January



Region:The bulk of Ethiopia's natural coffee exports come from Djimmah. Often used in blends, it commands a premium over other African unwashed Arabicas due to its clean cup and good flavour. The bulk of Djimmah coffee comes from the Illubabor region which has an altitude of 1750 to 2000 m and is about 600 kms from Addis.

Altitude: 1650-2000 m (5410-6550 ft)

Cup: Light acidity, full bodied with a fruity straw flavor

Harvest: November to January


Region: Regarded as secondary to Sidamo and Yirgacheffe, Limu washed coffee still has a distinctive winey flavor. The Limu bean is flatter than the other washed coffees. Although predominantly a smallholder produced coffee, there are some government-owned plantations in Limu.

Altitude: 1400-2100 m (4590-6880 ft)

Cup: Medium acidity and body with a distinct winey flavour. A well balanced cup.

Harvest: November to January



Region: In the far south-west of the country, are the coffee plantations of Teppi/Bebeka. The production from Teppi/Bebeka is less well known on the world market than other Ethiopian coffees. With a limited production, these coffees still offer opportunities for those looking for a well-balanced cup, with a distinct 'wild' Ethiopian flavor.

Altitude: Teppi 1100-1900 m (3600-6230 ft), Bebeka 950-1285 m (3110-4210 ft)

Cup: Teppi - Low to medium acidity, well rounded with smooth aftertaste.
Bebeka - Light acidity, medium to good body, light citrus flavor

Harvest: August to October